We’d have no forests left, and the industry would be blaming the trees for not planning for their future.

I know that’s hyperbolic, but seriously, the Paper Industry learned decades ago that in order for them to keep making profits, they’d have to fund the planting of new trees to replace the ones they cut down.

Any Sheep Herder can tell you the same thing.  You can sheer your sheep and keep selling their wool for their entire lives, or you can skin your sheep and sell the sheep skin, once, then the sheep is gone.

The Banking/Financial industry skinned us alive by slicing and dicing sub-prime mortgages and mixing them into “securities” that they could then sell.

And then we bailed them out instead of letting them deal with the repercussions of their actions.

Because they said, “It’s not our fault. Those sub-prime mortgage holders should not have borrowed so much.”

"Those sheep shouldn’t have walked into the skinning shed."

"Those trees shouldn’t have grown where someone would come along and cut them down."